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Crepe Bandage

A crepe bandage is a stretchable bandage made from a cotton blend material with a crinkled or textured appearance. It's commonly used in medical settings and first aid kits for providing support, compression, and immobilization of injured limbs or joints. Here's a brief overview:
1.Material: Typically made from a cotton elastic blend, which allows for both stretch and support. The crepe texture enhances its grip and prevents slipping.
2.Elasticity: Crepe bandages are designed to stretch longitudinally, meaning they can be wrapped snugly around a limb or joint without restricting blood circulation.
3.Support and Compression: They are widely used to provide support to sprained or strained joints, such as ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows. The compression they offer helps reduce swelling by restricting the flow of fluids to the injured area.
4.Immobilization: In addition to support and compression, crepe bandages are also used to immobilize injured limbs or joints, particularly in cases of fractures or severe sprains, to prevent further damage and promote healing.
5.First Aid: Crepe bandages are a staple item in first aid kits and are often used to stabilize injuries until further medical attention can be sought. They are versatile and can be used for various injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to more serious sprains and fractures.
6.Application: Proper application is crucial for effective use. The bandage should be wrapped firmly but not too tightly, starting from the base of the limb and moving towards the heart to aid circulation. It's essential to ensure that the bandage is evenly applied and there are no wrinkles or folds that could cause discomfort or compromise circulation.
7.Reusable and Washable: Crepe bandages are generally reusable and can be washed for hygiene purposes. However, over time and with repeated use, they may lose some elasticity and effectiveness, so it's advisable to replace them periodically.
8.Sizes: Available in various widths and lengths to accommodate different body parts and injury types. Common sizes include 5 cm, 7.5 cm, and 10 cm widths, with lengths ranging from 2 to 5 meters.
9.Precautions: While crepe bandages are generally safe to use, it's essential to be cautious not to wrap them too tightly, as this can restrict blood flow and cause additional complications. If there is any numbness, tingling, or increased pain after applying a crepe bandage.

Medical Gauze Swab


Medical Gauze Swab
  • Medical Gauze Swab
  • Medical Gauze Swab
  • Medical Gauze Swab
  • +6 Medical Gauze Swab
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Product Brochure
Product Details:
Size7.5 cm x 7.5cm x 6/8/12 ply
Number Of Ply12PLY
Bandage SizeFree Size
Material100% cotton gauze fabric
Packaging TypePaper Box
Quantity Per Pack100 Pc
Country of OriginMade in India

Product Description


  • Made out of 100% cotton gauze fabric. Bleaching done by Hydrogen peroxide & de-mineralized water.
  • All swabs are with folded edges (American fold) therefore No loose threads.
  • Available with OI’ without X-ray detectable line.
  • Available in packaging of 100 pcs. pack
  • Available in Quality B.P. Type 1 3 & B.P. Type 17

Specification :


10 cm x 10 cm x 6/8/12 ply


7.5 cm x 7.5cm x 6/8/12 ply


5 cm x 5 cm x 6/8/12 ply

Medical gauze swabs possess several key characteristics that make them indispensable in medical settings:
Absorbent: One of the primary qualities of medical gauze swabs is their exceptional absorbency. They can efficiently absorb fluids, such as blood and wound exudate, helping to keep the wound clean and dry.
Breathable: Gauze is a breathable material that allows air to pass through while providing a barrier against contaminants. This feature is crucial for wound healing as it helps maintain an optimal environment for tissue repair.
Sterile: Medical gauze swabs are typically sterilized, ensuring that they do not introduce harmful microorganisms to the wound site, reducing the risk of infection.
Non-Adherent: Gauze swabs are designed to be non-adherent to the wound. This means they won't stick to the wound, reducing pain and trauma during dressing changes.
Conformable: Gauze swabs are flexible and conform to the shape of the wound or body part they are applied to, making them versatile for various applications.
Uses of Medical Gauze Swabs:
Medical gauze swabs have a wide range of applications in the healthcare field:
Wound Dressing: Gauze swabs are commonly used to dress and cover wounds. They help absorb excess fluids, protect the wound from contamination, and facilitate the healing process.
Wound Packing: In cases of deep wounds or surgical sites, gauze swabs can be used for wound packing to control bleeding and promote hemostasis.
Cleaning and Debridement: Gauze swabs are excellent for cleaning and debriding wounds, removing debris, and dead tissue to support the healing process.
Absorption of Exudate: Gauze swabs are used to manage excessive wound exudate, which can be a concern in wounds like ulcers or burns.
Protection of Sensitive Skin: In some medical procedures, gauze swabs are used to protect sensitive areas from abrasion or irritation.
Securing Catheters and Tubes: Gauze swabs are used to secure catheters, IV lines, and other medical tubing in place.
Importance of Medical Gauze Swabs:
The significance of medical gauze swabs in the healthcare industry cannot be overstated:
Infection Control: Sterile gauze swabs are a crucial component in infection control, as they provide a clean and uncontaminated environment for wound care.
Wound Healing: Gauze swabs support wound healing by maintaining an optimal level of moisture, reducing the risk of infection, and protecting the wound from external contaminants.
Versatility: The versatility of gauze swabs makes them suitable for a wide range of medical procedures, from minor first aid applications to complex surgical interventions.
Patient Comfort: Non-adherent and breathable properties of gauze swabs ensure that patients experience less pain and discomfort during dressing changes.
Hemostasis: Gauze swabs are essential for managing bleeding and promoting hemostasis in various clinical scenarios.
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Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages


Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages
  • Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages
  • Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages
  • Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages
  • +4 Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages
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Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity100 Piece
Size10 cm x 4 m
BrandManzen Cotton Role
ColorSkin Color
Number Of Clips2
Packing TypeBox

Cotton crepe bandage consists of characteristic fabric of plain weave in which warp threads are two fold cotton threads, crepe twisted and weft threads are of Viscose. Made of high-quality yarn and has fast edges. Manufactured as per British Pharmacopoeia standards. It is ideal bandage for musculo-skeletal injuries.

Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages are medical-grade, woven bandages made from high-quality cotton fabric. These bandages are designed to provide excellent support and compression for various medical and first-aid applications.

Key Features:
High-Quality Cotton Fabric: Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages are crafted from premium cotton, ensuring softness, breathability, and comfort while offering superior compression and support.

Elasticity and Stretch: These bandages exhibit excellent elasticity, allowing for easy and secure wrapping. They conform to the body's contours, ensuring a snug fit.

Controlled Compression: Manzen bandages provide controlled compression, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including sprains, strains, and wound dressing. They help reduce swelling and support injured areas.

Durable and Reusable: These bandages are designed to be durable, ensuring they can be washed and reused multiple times, making them a cost-effective choice.

Varied Sizes: Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages come in various widths and lengths to accommodate different body parts and injuries. This versatility makes them suitable for various healthcare settings.

Easy to Apply: With their easy-to-use design, Manzen bandages can be applied by both medical professionals and individuals with minimal effort.

Sterile Options: Some variants of Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages are available in sterile packaging, making them ideal for medical facilities and sterile environments.

Versatile Use: These bandages are versatile and can be used for first aid, sports injuries, post-surgery support, and general wound care.

Trusted Brand: Manzen is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality medical supplies and bandages, ensuring you receive a reliable product.

Cost-Effective: The durability and reusability of Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages make them a cost-effective choice for healthcare providers and consumers.

In summary, Manzen Cotton Crepe Bandages offer a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective solution for various medical and first-aid needs. Their high-quality cotton fabric, controlled compression, and durability make them a trusted choice for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.
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Non Sterile Gauze Swabs


Non Sterile Gauze Swabs
  • Non Sterile Gauze Swabs
  • Non Sterile Gauze Swabs
  • Non Sterile Gauze Swabs
  • Non Sterile Gauze Swabs
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Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity50000 Piece
Size5cm x 5cm
Bandage Size90cm x 18m
Number Of Ply4 Ply
Packaging Size7.5cm*7.5cm*
Packaging TypePaper Box

Softswab 7.5cm*7.5cm*12ply is a cotton based non sterile cotton gauze swab. It is a soft, strong and durable gauze to be used. It provides high level of absorption and low adhesion. It is used in dressing the wound or absorb the blood during operation or surgery.
Non-sterile gauze swabs are medical dressings commonly used in wound care, first aid, and surgical procedures. These swabs are made from woven cotton and come in various sizes, typically ranging from small 2x2 inch squares to larger sizes. Here's an overview of non-sterile gauze swabs and their uses:

Non-sterile gauze swabs are essential medical supplies used in various healthcare settings for wound care, cleaning, and other medical procedures. Here's a comprehensive overview of non-sterile gauze swabs:


1. Composition: Non-sterile gauze swabs are typically made from 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. These materials are soft, absorbent, and gentle on the skin, making them suitable for a wide range of medical applications.


2. Sizes and Shapes: They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different wound sizes and types. Common sizes include 5x5 cm, 7.5x7.5 cm, and 10x10 cm. Some are available in square or rectangular shapes, while others are folded into multiple layers for added thickness and absorbency.


3. Packaging: Non-sterile gauze swabs are often packaged in sealed packs or pouches to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination. Each pack typically contains multiple swabs, ranging from 1 to 100, depending on the manufacturer and intended use.


4. Absorbency: These swabs are designed to effectively absorb blood, exudate, and other fluids from wounds or surfaces. The level of absorbency may vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the gauze and the density of the fibers.


5. Versatility: Non-sterile gauze swabs have a wide range of applications in healthcare. They can be used for wound cleaning, dressing, packing, and as a covering for minor cuts, burns, and abrasions. They are also commonly used in first aid kits, hospitals, clinics, and home care settings.


6. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to sterile gauze swabs, non-sterile versions are more economical, making them a preferred choice for situations where sterility is not a primary concern. This affordability makes them suitable for bulk purchase and use in everyday medical practices.


7. Disposable and Single-Use: Non-sterile gauze swabs are designed for single-use and should be disposed of after each use to prevent the risk of cross-contamination and infection. This disposable nature ensures hygiene and reduces the risk of introducing pathogens to wounds or sensitive areas.


8. Precautions: While non-sterile gauze swabs are generally safe for use, healthcare providers should follow standard infection control protocols when handling them to minimize the risk of contamination. This includes proper hand hygiene, using gloves when necessary, and disposing of used swabs appropriately.


9. Availability: Non-sterile gauze swabs are widely available through medical supply distributors, pharmacies, and online retailers. They are often sold in bulk quantities to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and professionals.


10. Regulations and Standards: Manufacturers of non-sterile gauze swabs must adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines to ensure product quality and safety. These may include compliance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations in certain countries.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 7 to 10 Days
  • Packaging Details: Vacuum Sealed Sterile Pouches Packed in Corrugated Boxes
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